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Various Media quotes:

What a wonderful gift idea!
-Complete Woman Magazine

High quality tools, tastefully explicit, presented in down to earth English...
The series is well worth investigating.
-Jill Dutton, Evolving Woman Magazine

This is a must see for all couples regardless of where you may be in that relationship with your significant other.  Leave no stone unturned, no zone untouched, especially that of your lover's.
-Regina Woods, Eros Online Magazine


The following is Shopinprivate.com's review of the Massage for Lovers video.

Educational Value: This video is well designed to demonstrate tips and techniques for developing and improving your massage techniques. It quickly demonstrates a number of massage strokes and zones that will be a value to both partners. The video takes place at the same pace that one partner massages another so it is possible to give a massage while watching and learning techniques from this video.

Nudity: The couples (two couples) in the video are shown nude as a way to demonstrate the massage techniques. The contact is erotic but non-sexual. The level of nudity is appropriate for the subject matter.

Suitability For Couples: This video is perfect for any couples.

Production Quality: This video is well composed and edited. It is approximately 60 minutes long, enough time for both partners to give and receive massages under the guidance of the video.

Overall Comments: Our most highly recommended instructional video. This video is certain to bring any couple closer together.


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